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All the Google Animated FIFA World Soccer Cup Gifs

Everybody loves animated gifs! We told you they were gaining in popularity with online publications and, of course, Google is […]

Are We Doomed to Engrish Packaging? (NSFW)

English is the hardest language in the world to learn. That’s why I have such respect for those who can […]


The Weirdest Books in the World (NSFW)

The last literary journey, “Terrible, Horrible, Ghastly Book Cover Art” (NSFW) was so well received, which makes us worry about […]


Terrible, Horrible, Ghastly Book Cover Art (NSFW)

We do judge a book by it’s cover. Sorry to dispel the old notion that it’s what’s underneath that counts […]


HARDWOOD! — Tree Cartoons That Go Out on a Limb!

It’s spring… finally! Our friends in the forest, well… they are the forest… are blooming and growing, shading us, giving […]


Are Animated GIFs the New Standard Web Images?

Web experts claim that people prefer videos and images to written copy on websites. Many news stories open with a […]

Model Car Photography 20

The Coolest Little BIG Photography Trick

Remember when Tilt-Shift was the  BIG thing, making real photos look like little toys? Well, photographer and model builder, Michael […]

Creepy Valentine's Day Cards - GL Stock Images

Vintage Sexual and Creepy Valentine’s Day Cards

You won’t find these on the shelves of Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, although your grandparents did! Times and tastes have […]

Champagne Burst - GL Stock Images

Things You Didn’t Know About New Year’s Eve

As with every holiday, New Year’s Eve holds some mystery, some joy, and, of course, confused emotions about one’s existence. […]

Surprised Santa - GL Stock Images

Images of Christmas You Might Not Expect

By now you’ve seen at least three people wearing a Peanuts Christmas sweater or sweatshirt because it’s the Christmas season. […]