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Comic Book Confidential: Suggestive and Steamy (NSFW)

Having worked for DC Comics and MAD Magazine, I can truthfully tell you that writers and comic book artists know […]

Fiverr: Yet Another Entry into the $5 Logo Market

After a nice weekend with my kids, Monday morning comes along and I make the mistake of turning on my […]

Money Windfall - GL Stock Images

Will Mark Cuban’s Design Contest Succeed?

If you haven’t heard, billionaire, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has entered the crowdsourcing arena with his controversial […]


Old Safety Booklet Art Meant to Scare Children to Death

Riding your bike is fun and good for your health… until it kills you in a very nasty, bloody manner! […]


Anti-U.S. North Korean Propaganda Art

Propaganda art is fascinating, powerful and plays on emotions. There are few nations in the world who keep up with […]


The Latest Creative Craziness (WARNING: Some Items NSFW)

Sometimes there’s just too much good stuff on the web at one time. So, instead of the 10 best of […]


Damn You Art School: A Solution to Missing Professional Information

There are some great art schools out there. If not for my instructors and the school, I wouldn’t have made […]


Retro Advertising: Why Madison Avenue Ruled!

Well, Mad Men are back on the air, reminding us of a somewhat skewed view of life and business of […]


Amazing Watercolor Tattoos

If you walk into a design studio, you are sure to find two things designers love: Toys and tattoos. I’m […]


Splunk All Over My Facebook! New Apps for Hookups (NSFW)

It was only a matter of time before a new third-party perversion was introduced to Facebook users… after Farmville, of […]