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Photoshop Fail: Why You Get What You Pay For!

Doesn’t everyone’s mother tell them, “you get what you pay for” or have clients become so cheap they are actually […]

Cool and Weird Anti-Smoking Ads

Yeah, yeah — I smoke and it will kill me, but so will life. There are all sorts of ads […]


Comic Book Ads of the Past… Selling Crap!

Even if you weren’t a comic book nerd, you probably know about the wondrous ads that adorned the last page […]


Cool Plastic Model Kit Art

Vinyl toys are hot and people collect them like my hands seem to collect scars. People have always loved likenesses […]


Creatives receive an Oscar but it’s not shoved in their hands!

My first Facebook post during the Oscars was my confusion about the Jaws theme being played over the acceptance speech […]


Attracting Customers with Humor

Mel Brooks, on defining humor said, “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an […]


Type, Words, Meaning: Making Type Come Alive

People have always complimented me for my abilities with type but, when I see work such as the type treatments […]


Illustrated Phobia: Noir Superhero Posters

Twilight Zone creator and writer, Rod Serling started every show with words that made people uncomfortable. “There is a fifth […]


Responses to Passive/Aggressive Office Notes (NSFW!)

There are many things I miss being a freelancer. Daily office life holds wonderful human interaction and negates the need […]


Innovative Package Designs We’ll Never See Because of Idiots!

Pushing innovative ideas if you are not at the top of the corporate ladder is nearly impossible. Sure, Steve Jobs […]