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Fan Art vs. Copyright Infringement: What’s Legal?

Maybe you smile or laugh when you pass that little day care center with the horrid painting of Mickey Mouse […]

Visual QR Code – Seamlessly Embedding QR Code Within Any Design

If you’re a graphic or web designer you need to know how to deal with QR codes and chances are, […]


Survey Results: What are Designers Really Thinking?

In a recent survey, over two-thousand designers gave some interesting insight into the frequently wondered-about what motivates them, biggest client […]


The Joy of Toys for Computer-Bound Girls and Boys

It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer, artist, writer, programmer, video game geek or engineer, we are all stuck in […]


Halloween: Designed for Horror and Revenge!

“Revenge is a dish best served cold,” goes the old saying. As designers we are often placed at the bottom […]


Choosing the Right Art School: Make the Right Investment

While discussing an upcoming feature on the GL blog, the owner and I got into a discussion about art school. […]


Making Your Own Creative Opportunities

In my last two articles, I covered crowdsourcing, design contests and project bidding sites as avenues of income for freelancers […]


Design Contests, Bidding Sites and Stock/Clip Art for Making Money

Last week, I covered what is known as crowdsourcing: the practice of designing a project on spec, against other competing […]


Crowdsourcing: Has the Design Community Embraced It?

I’ve always been an outspoken critic of crowdsourcing and 99designs was my biggest target. After trashing them in an article, […]


Talk Like a Pirate Day: The One Holiday Rated Arrrrrrh!

Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Aside from perhaps shivering the timbers of a workplace lass with a […]