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Copyright Issues With Content Marketing

In a recent article about creating successful content marketing for your business, the subject of copyright infringement came up. While […]

Monty Python to Augmented Reality: Animation Evolves

I was a young boy when Monty Python was aired in America for the first time (Monty Python’s Flying Circus […]


Team Spirit: Be a Good Sport with Your Mascot Art

A friend of mine works for a local T-shirt manufacturer that creates custom shirts for local teams. Mostly they service […]


Why Retro Won’t Go Away!

More than any design movement, retro ‘50s and ‘60s keep trying to come back. Why is that and is it […]


Writing for Your Business Self-Promotion and Marketing

Writing is a great way to get noticed as an expert in your field. You don’t need to be Hemingway. […]


Halloween: Get Out of the Way for Christmas!

While Back to School sales enjoys shelf space for two weeks, because education is a nuisance when it comes to […]


2012 Election: Red, White and Black and Blue

There is now less than 100 days until the 2012 presidential election and that means you need to hurry up […]


Food for Thought: Food Styling for Ads

While working at a small design studio, the owner had a brilliant idea, for once. He had bought some frozen […]


Typography: Drop Caps are BACK!

Drop caps were all the rage back when monks created manuscripts by hand with artful images within big letters while […]


Brainstorming Exercise Material for Brain Tsunamis!

Lucky me, I was always the kid picked for brainstorming sessions. People used to say that I would “shoot for […]