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By now you’ve seen at least three people wearing a Peanuts Christmas sweater or sweatshirt because it’s the Christmas season.  You can only wear those items for about a month or so every year, and every year it doesn’t fit so you have to buy new ones. But within those warm feelings we get this time of year, remember — there are dark forces out there. People who make fun of, and money off of major holidays. Christmas is the main target.

Think about visual impact, especially in a holiday usage. The different images of Jesus, Santa, Christmas trees, angels, and other elements of the Christmas holiday. So, with all of that moving imagery in mind, why would anyone see National Lampoon Christmas Vacation from this trailer?

Groundbreaking images drive creative thought… but not action, as we saw in Fred Claus.

Christmas is the number one retail season. If people stopped buying holiday gifts, society and life as we know it would cease. So, there is always more and more, and then some more. Think about how does xmas.chocozombieone keep the excitement and innocence in such a commercialized sales season, year after year, using the basic three characters; Santa, Frosty and Rudolph. It’s a marvel to the heights advertising and marketing can have, even over ancient religious celebrations.

It’s not just the images used on cards and packaging. There are all sorts of Christmas items, from underwear to dancing robots, to cereal and canned pastas. Santa or one of the other two trinity players. Christmas is the employer to all and target galore for critiques of commercialism, but, in truth, without that commercialism, where would our economy be? Santa hats, fake beards and wacky wall hangings are part of the already screwed-up holiday, so why not revel in the warmth of economic success?

And with this grand need, comes the need for images of celebration. Some get pretty odd. Each and every year, those clip art examples of being just a bit too weird for anyone to use, gets a little play in articles like this and then you see them as part of the pop culture. Which explains this search result under ‘Christmas tree.’

What Christmas is complete unless there’s at least one Sexy Drunken Mrs. Santa costume? This must be the family version because it hardly shows anything. Judging by the similar images, Mrs. Santa likes to PARTY!

Nothing-good-enough-girl is ready to smell something bad before anyone else can… and it’s your party invitation! It just doesn’t matter as there is no way to please her. Just look at those similar images. Whether giving or getting, this psycho just isn’t happy.


It’s a dirty job, with all those chimneys and other carcinogens on a global scale. I want a stock photo just like this, but with Mrs. Santa’s Victoria’s Secret undies also over the shower door.


Nothing says Christmas like a dog and cat stealing Santa’s treats. I’ve heard a rumor that this photographer also had one where they are armed with shivs and pistols. Don’t forget, if you didn’t notice… this is you’re number one source for images of a dog in a suitcase (see similar images). Just in case you need to illustrate and article about holiday traveling with pets… or kids, for that matter!


He finally went nuts and it wasn’t a night for Santa’s Slaying!


The return of Uncle Underachiever! Even once a year, for one month, he can barely keep a job. Look at those pictures of him drinking and smoking… and that was on the job interview, and the job had nothing to do with Christmas!


Not enough weird images? Try some of these “not-safe-for-work” images. Still not weird enough? Click around. You’ll find things that won’t disappoint.

No image in history, however, could ever beat the 1964 classic cinema of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians! Remember, make 2014 the year of designing differently. Go nuts on images, do a little Photoshop touch up, and enjoy the reactions you get when you celebrate your creative freedom. Merry Christmas!

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