The Latest Creative Craziness (WARNING: Some Items NSFW)

Sometimes there’s just too much good stuff on the web at one time. So, instead of the 10 best of this or the top designed that, here’s some recent cool, weird and strange creative stuff from all over the web.

RIP Ray Harryhausen

You know his work and yesterday Facebook was filled with sad memorials to Ray Harryhausen, the man who made special effects what they are today through his stop-motion animation, inspiring generations of filmakers and amazing filmgoers. Mr. Harryhausen was 92 and his body of work was so huge, no other special effects professional will ever be able to match the number of films he had worked upon.

One of Harryhausen’s earliest works was for a George Pal short, animating the screwballs in this piece that was obviously a poke at the fascism spreading across Europe at the time.


May ALLAH Your Dreams Come True!

And the complaints have already started rolling in on this greeting card from Nobleworks, a greeting card company in New Jersey that is no stranger to complaints. The company motto is “Dare to Laugh,” according to NobleWorks president, Ron Kanfi. It’s apparently also “F@#% ’em if They Can’t Take a Joke!”

The Muslim doll may be a dynamite joke to some but the Council on American-Islamic Relations isn’t amused. A case of “too soon?” Well, when it comes to shocking cards, NobleWorks thinks it’s always just right.

This isn’t thee first time NobleWorks, Inc. has felt the heat on one of their cards. The first card, created by the original owner, the late Chris Noble, was a cat recipe card, showing a cat and a meatloaf with the words, “from this, to this.” Animal rights activists weren’t so pleased by that one, or the seasonal reindeer recipe card, either.


Weird Retro

There are some weird pages on Facebook, but if you enjoy retro and weirdness, then you need to “like” the Weird Retro page to see some really cool stuff!

You’ll know you’ve found the page when you see the cover image.

Nothing sells 1970s fashion like Ultraman villains attacking models.

Search as I could, there was no news about anyone winning this prize. I’m guessing it was one of those comic book ad things that were made out of cardboard and atomic waste.

Speaking of atomic waste, this science kit toy from the 1950s contained actual samples of U-238. That’s why grandpa’s hair fell out and he glows in the dark.

What kid wants harmless fun?

And we were told not to play with our food. Guaranteed to satisfy your desire for something sweet and a poked out eye!

Nothing like taking out one’s anger on a beloved cartoon character… like a baby Bam-Bam or the mentally handicapped “Scatterbrain.” Who wouldn’t want to smack Spongebob or an elderly person in a wheelchair?

Just think… these women are someone’s grandmother. Hey, you’ll put out someone’s eye with those pointy things!

Making fun of North Koreans is always in season. Do they really have secret weapon purses that shoot death rays?

A 1951 magazine cover from Japan. She is the egg woman… coo-coo-ka-choo!

Back when child abuse was a selling point for coffee.


Creative Child Abuse Ads

From Y & R Mexico, these ads show the cycle of abuse in a powerful way.


The hidden Message About Abuse Only Kids Can See

In an effort to provide abused children with a safe way to reach out for help, a Spanish organization called the Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation, or ANAR for short, created an ad that displays a different message for adults and children at the same time.


Obi-Wanna Find Out Your Star Wars Job?

Nothing like a good nerd infographic for a career choice. Why bother with the high school guidance counselor when the force is there for you?


 Barbie’s Dream Train Station

New York’s Grand Central Station has seen its share of art installations and urine puddles but this life-sized doll house is probably the largest piece of art since the station’s astronomy ceiling was installed. Having travelled through GCS for most of my life, I can confidently say it also makes a great nightly hotel for some homeless people who live in the corners and tunnels of the station.


Are You Truly A-CLONE in This World?

In her project called ‘Stranger Visions,’ NYC-based artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg creates sculpted faces of people — all of whom she has never met—by using their DNA.

Collecting discarded pieces of gum, cigarette butts and loose hair, she extracts the DNA from these samples and uses a software to turn them into creepy life-like human masks, which she hangs on gallery walls — like mounted heads. At least she CLAIMS she uses DNA and these are just models. YIPES!


Gun Show Fun

Gun shows aren’t just a collection of thousands of weapons, ammo, T-shirts warning of government conspiracies and future self-inflicted wound people. There are also some products that are fun for the entire family!

Guns and Roses?

Is a million volts the same power they use to execute criminals in the electric chair? Thank goodness it’s marked that it’s not a functioning cell phone, even though I’m guessing someone will hit the wrong button to make a call and fry their head. Hooray for Darwinism!


What’s “South of Your Border?”

AY! It’s Señor Cajonés and he’s the new mascot in Brazil to bring the problem testicles face each and every day, when hugged and patted by beautiful women. Actually, it’s to publicize testicular cancer, but it’s still a strange way of doing it. I just don’t want to see the mascot, “Limpy” for male erectile disfunction or “Stinky” the Colon. I’ll bet no woman would be hugging them!

Hola, ladies!

Why is it that Señor Cajonés has a really stupid look on his face? I mean, do men make stupid choices based on our… oh, never mind. We do.

Thumbs up for… I really don’t want to know!


Gif Me More of These!

Creating gifs is fun and can become viral marketing of your work, as well as embarrass the hell out of friends and loved ones!



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